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Freshman Move-In Volunteer Commitment Form

Rules and Guidelines:
  • For security reasons, every volunteer must wear the Freshmen Move In volunteer t-shirt.
  • Organizations may accessorize with stickers, hats, fanny packs, or other items. Don’t forget comfy shoes and sunscreen!
  • All volunteers must work their full shifts.
  • Each volunteer must sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of each shift worked in order for participation to count
  • Volunteers must be able to help lift boxes and climb multiple flights of stairs.
  • Bring your smile and be ready for a day of work and fun with our newest tigers! We’re excited to welcome them to campus!
Your Name or Organization
Department/Office Address
Email Verify Email
Office Number Home Number
Cell Number
Faculty Staff Student Alumni
I want to work at: (Please pick one or more.)
On-site check-in/Registration
Meet & Greet w/Parents
Water Tent
Residence halls carrying student's belongings / unloading vehicles
Housing Registration
Please select the shifts you will be able to work.
I am willing to work up to total hours (example: 2)
7:30-12:30 12:30-4:30 All Day (7:30-6:00)
Indicate the T-shirt size that you will need.
small medium large x-large xx-large
If you are a service organization, please list the services you would like to provide.

Assignments will be confirmed the day of event.